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of Animal Technicians


The ATDP is an employer led development & employability programme created in partnership with some of the largest re- search establishments in the UK. It provides a unique, low cost and focused approach to employing new Animal Technicians.

Upon accreditation partner employers share access to a pool of trained, available and accredited ATDP workers. These workers are local and immediately available for ad- hoc temporary requirements as well as clients ongoing permanent recruitment needs and on a not for profit basis. The ATDP is a proactive, low cost, high return employment solution.


There are no recruitment agency fees for partner employers. All costs to run the programme are transparent and shared between partner employers on a not for profit basis.

What do we do?

The ATDP steps to creating new, local Animal Technicians:


Step 1: Employer openness and identifying relevant, local talent


Step 2: Learner Attraction and Enrolment


Step 3: 12 weeks of Training


Step 4: Provisional Accreditation (50% of ATDP complete)


Step 5: 12 weeks of paid work as a Trainee Animal Technician


Step 6: Full Accreditation ‘Work Ready’ (100% ATDP complete)

What is the benefit for ATDP Employer partners?

Employers within the industry recognise the struggle to find and retain ‘trainee level’ talent, due to inexperience or a sheer lack of understanding of the Animal Technician career. This leads to newly inducted staff leaving the career within their first 6 to 12 months. Poor staff retention is disruptive with both money and time being wasted.

‘Try before you buy’ & bypass expensive advertising and interview processes

ATDP accredited learners are able to access ATDP Employer Partners ring fenced vacancies which means they are entitled to first refusal for any suitable vacancies. As an employer partner you have already seen the work of these budding technicians. All participating Employer Partners will have access to ATDP final portfolios along with testimonials from well established names from within the industry, making recruiting easy and low-risk

Industry awareness and ATDP Learners expectations managed from day 1

16 – 20 weeks of ATDP shared knowledge, studying and training creates ‘Trainee Animal Technicians’ that are of an exceptional quality and high understanding from day 1

Enables employers to heavily focus time on getting it right from day 1 of work experience

2 weeks solid, on the job training with an ‘in placement training log

= Significant cost savings and improved staff sustainability / retainment levels

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