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Hello and thank you for taking the time to view our website and find out what the Animal Technician Development Programme is all about.


We are proud to be the only organisation focused solely on attracting, developing and training new Animal Technicians for the UK Life Sciences sector.


We are not a profit making recruitment agency or training organisation. We are a Social Enterprise which simply put means we have a social mission.

Our Mission

Provide a long term, permanent link between employers animal facilities and educated, local candidates. We raise awareness of partner employers outstanding work and the benefits of working for them as an Animal Technician with local College and University leavers. With openness and positive dialogue we identify and attract the very best local, educated Learners to enroll on a 24 week new Animal Technician Development Programme (ATDP). We provide structured training covering welfare, ethics, legislation, animal husbandry and bio security as well as hands on work experience to produce a new breed of talented, enthusiastic and local Animal Technicians. We raise the profile of the Animal Technician career pathway and deliver a competitive learning environment to produce future Animal Technicians that employers deserve and industry demands. 


With staff from the research industry, recruitment and educational backgrounds the ATDP will serve employers and Learners employment needs for years to come.


Our team brings together over 45 years of experience in developing employment solutions specifically for new Animal Technicians. In our capacity as employment professionals we have placed over 1,000 new candidates in Animal Technician vacancies across the UK.


We know that great results are rooted in cultivating relationships with employers animal facilities, further educational establishments and those interested in becoming Animal Technicians.

The ATDP has 3 key stakeholders:

Employers, Learners and Further educational establishments.
By pulling all 3 together the ATDP will:

Provide employers animal facilities with the very best, trained, educated and local new Animal Technicians. Becoming a partner employer ensures you have an alternative route to recruitment that is proven and offers a high return for a very low cost.

Provide learners with the very best, training, support & advice.

Provide Colleges and Universities with a direct link to their local employers of Animal Technicians. Becoming a partner College or University ensures you offer your students the Animal Technician career pathway with employer backed training and a realistic route to employment.

Our values

In helping shape and develop tomorrows Animal Technicians we’re committed to providing:

Outstanding training and development for new Animal Technicians via a structured 24 week programme created with employers animal facilities in mind.

Employers  with the very best solution to their employment of new Animal Technicians. Our programme will vastly reduce staff turnover and lower recruitment costs by adopting a long term recruitment strategy to ensure they receive local, trained new Animal Technicians.  

In-depth Animal Technician recruitment expertise and knowledge to all parties for their mutual benefit.

New Animal Technicians to the Life Sciences industry that are smarter, sooner.

ATDP Learner Testimonials

Angela, HND in Animal Care / ATDP Learner

“I didn’t know where to start when looking for a career working with animals. Before the ATDP I was told that the only paid animal related jobs were as Veterinary nurse or working in a Zoo. I heard about the ATDP from a careers talk at my college and immediately applied. I was overjoyed to be enrolled and worked through the study modules. Even though some of the questions were hard I was allowed to resit the module tests plus the ATDP trainers were brilliant – their coaching and advice really helped me. I then attended a 1 day animal handling course in London at a really smart animal facility. I got to handle rodents and speak to qualified animal technicians about what they do – it was amazing. I was then invited to attend work experience at the same facility and am now completing my final 12 weeks on the job training at another ATDP partner employer. I’m earning £8 per hour during this final 12 weeks training which really helps. Overall I have to say that the ATDP has been a fantastic experience – I can’t wait to become accredited and get a full time job. “

Angela, HND in Animal Care / ATDP Learner

Tricia M, London (UCL ATDP Learner - Now on a paid contract with Kings College)

“Being a part of the ATDP has been an insightful and beneficial experience and I have learned a great deal about the provision of care and welfare for animals used in research. ATDP was greatly supportive of my journey from day one to finish and were only an email, text message or phone call away. They were available to answer any questions or queries I had 24/7 and were prompt and informative with their replies. The pre-learning and study module content was clearly composed and detailed, allowing me to pass all my module tests and preparing me for the 2-week work placement and this was very useful as it enabled me to carry out the job with a confident manner. I enjoyed the work experience aspect immensely and built up an array of skills and confidence during this time. I was situated at University College London for a 2-week long work experience placement, the team were very welcoming and really supportive and my experience with them was varied and included many different tasks. The unit I worked in looked after mice and the job comprised of providing daily caring duties for the mice. This included feeding, watering, and observing their behavior well as learning the correct handling/restraint methods, weaning pups from parents, holding and identifying the sex and age of pups, paring males with females and operating the equipment.

It was varied and practical and I got a real insight into what to expect as a career as an Animal Technician. I am thrilled that I was one of the lucky few chosen to take part in the programme as it has been an invaluable experience. I feel very close to employment and knowing that there are many opportunities for promotion in this industry, I am looking forward to beginning my new career as an Animal Technician

The ATDP is a great route for other individuals like myself who are wanting to get into a career with animals as it covers many aspects of animal care and welfare. I am a true animal lover and this experience has helped me see behind the stigma that surrounds the Medical Research Industry and being part of the team responsible for the care and welfare of these crucial animals is hugely rewarding!”

Tricia M, London (UCL ATDP Learner – Now on a paid contract with Kings College)

Dario Zoology Graduate / accredited ATDP Learner - Now working for Kings College

“The ATDP gave me in depth knowledge on what working as an animal technician would be like, through online training modules. The modules were broken down into smaller segments with the final assessments being based on the study material, to help us learn quickly and easily. The modules taught us the basics, rules and regulations behind the role. For example,  animals welfare is priority, what technology and techniques are used to maintain a sterile environment despite many risk factors and how important research is, benefiting all in everyday life.

The practical training included a real life visit to a working Animal Unit where we were given more information related to our online training modules and were then shown around the units, in an informative and friendly manner. We were able to ask any questions we had and got some time to practice handling the mice. I feel the programme, especially the handling day, will inspire and attract people to continue down the path of an Animal Technician

I was on a 2 week placement at a large Animal Facility which cares for several species of animals. Straight away I was made to feel like part of the team, with all members of staff eager to show me new things to further my knowledge and asked about my training course. There was lots of hands on work and I was able to learn how to do a large number of tasks, with staff showing me techniques to make things quicker or more effective. I was encouraged to ask any questions and where I could not get hands on experience, I was allowed to watch and learn about procedures and roles which would be essential later on in my career. What I enjoyed most about the placement was having the time to get to know everything before being expected to do it independently and the availability of support if I ever was unsure. As someone who is fond of animals I enjoyed the handling and learning more about special requirements and husbandry techniques used in the labs.

As a zoology graduate I found outside of returning to teaching/lecturing there were not many jobs readily available which are well suited to a zoologist, with most in the UK usually having a very high demand and low initial wages with little career progression to allow for a higher wage. Having friends who are vet nurses or trained in animal husbandry I have recommended the training course to them as being involved in this growing industry is a chance to have a career involving animals where you can make a change and work with like minded people. The ATDP training proves to employees that you ARE capable and ALLOWS you to compete with those who already have experience when applying for jobs.

ATDP have been very supportive all the way through the training and there was always someone I could contact if I had any questions, if not several people. There was even a social event in which animal technicians who were fully qualified and working in the field were present, which gave me a great experience to learn more about the job from the people who’ve been doing it for years. On the second to last day of my ATDP training, I was informed that the following week I had a paid job in Kings College for when I finished training. I have been working there for 2 weeks now and have found all my training from ATDP and my work experience can be applied to my new role, allowing me to work independently, understanding the requirements of what is needed to maintain high standards of animal welfare”

Dario Zoology Graduate / accredited ATDP Learner – Now working for Kings College.

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